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Copyright 2021 Lynchburg Humane Society
Copyright 2021 Lynchburg Humane Society

The Lynchburg Humane Society Provides Life-Saving Care for Pets Throughout the Region

James Black


Operating for more than sixty years, The Lynchburg Humane Society has been dedicated to helping animal life across the Lynchburg region through sheltering, adoption, spay/neuter programs, education, and community outreach. Between the nonprofit’s two major facilities, the Lynchburg Center for Pets and the Appomattox Pet Center, the humane society has cared for 4,962 pets and 92% of the pets went to new or existing homes.

As a “No Kill Humane Society” the LHS believes that no healthy or treatable pet should be euthanized. This focus has led to the improvement in the quality of life in over 4,000 pets rescued from other public shelters across the commonwealth and placed in an LHS facility, including a spay/neuter clinic in Evington, VA, which performs over 6,000 surgeries annually.

To help accommodate the needs of animals, across the Lynchburg region, the LHS offers a variety of services geared towards improving the quality of life for pets and ensuring they are placed with good owners. The LHS offers pet-owner assistance resources aimed at helping pets and their owners in their time of need, as well as resources for animal behavior, animal end-of-life services, and even fun pet training activities, such as the “Puppy Social” which will resume August 4, 2021. Additional services offered by the LHS to help support the animal community include licenses for dogs in the City of Lynchburg, children’s programs, pet-friendly housing, and assistance locating lost pets, particularly within the first 24 hours of the pet’s disappearance.

One of the best ways members of the community throughout the Lynchburg region can become involved in the LHS’s mission of caring for lost and homeless pets is to adopt a pet. The LHS allows members of the community to adopt available dogs, cats, and other pets including rabbits and birds. The adoption process includes a spay/neuter procedure, an engraved I.D. tag from Terry Volkswagen Subaru, initial vaccines, a free week of online dog training, a $10 microchip fee, and 10% off all purchases in LHS’ retail store on the day an individual adopts a pet.

If adoption isn’t the right choice, members of the community seeking to care for an animal can still foster a pet, a vital part of the life-saving work accomplished by the LHS every year. Fostering a pet only requires a two-week commitment, and the LHS’ team regularly matches those seeking to foster with the right pet, so they can provide a memorable, life-saving experience for the animal.

It’s no surprise that the critically important work done by The Lynchburg Humane Society wouldn’t be possible without financial support from members of the community across the Lynchburg region. In addition to online donations, the LHS encourages financial contributions to one of its partner programs. Additionally, members of the community can sponsor a pet, contribute valuable supplies to support animal health, or gift a pet for a special occasion. Members of the community can support the LHS financially in many different ways, and you can find more information about how you can support them HERE.

To view upcoming volunteer opportunities and events, view The Lynchburg Humane Society’s page on SHARE Greater Lynchburg HERE.