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The Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance focuses on developing homegrown talent, attracting new talent, promoting the region's sites and buildings, existing business retention and expansion, assisting entrepreneurial start-ups, business advocacy, and cultivating a rich, local business culture. Building Our Future is an aspirational five-year plan that builds into the future on the momentum of recent successes.

Building Our Future Five-Year Strategic Plan

Goal 1 │ Develop, Retain, And Attract A Talented Workforce
  • Align the Region's Talent Pipeline
  • Grow and Promote the Career & Technical Education
  • Retain the Region’s College Graduates
  • Launch a Targeted Talent Marketing Campaign
Goal 2 Grow And Attract Diverse, Wealth Creating Jobs
  • Intensify Regional Business Attraction and Retention Efforts
  • Establish the Regional Center for Entrepreneurship
Goal 3 Ensure A Competitive Supply Of Industrial Sites & Buildings
  • Create a Regional Industrial Shell Building Program
  • Build and Develop Industrial Sites
Goal 4 Create A Sense Of Place To Welcome New Residents And Retain Existing Ones
  • Promote and Connect a Dynamic Regional Core
  • Encourage Placemaking Throughout the Region
  • Develop a Nationally Renowned Regional Trail System


To learn more about Building Our Future download the campaign brochure.

Consider joining this growing list of businesses making an investment in the continued growth of the Lynchburg Region through the Building Our Future Campaign!

Campaign Celebration Investor Honor Roll LYH as of December 12, 2023 (1)
To schedule a meeting or receive additional information on making an investment in Building Our Future, contact:

Megan Lucas
434.845.5968 x18