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Cultivating Talent With a Strong Workforce

The Alliance’s talent development strategy ensures that we are armed with a strong talent pipeline to meet the demands of business in our region. Our role is to connect today’s workplace with tomorrow’s workforce and to assist in Workforce programs which include:

  • Support the region’s workforce strategic plan
  • Leverage target sector-based partnerships to create career pathways from K-12 education with employment
  • Catalyst for connecting regional employers to the regional workforce system resources
  • Develop and deploy messaging that effectively communicates the workforce system and services to stakeholders (Employers, Job Seekers and Service Providers)
  • Strong and active relationships with Virginia Career Works Central Region  to help provide education and training
  • Strengthening relationships with Central Virginia Community College to ensure that its Center for Business, Industry and Government is responsive to the needs of local businesses.
  • Maintaining strong relationships with the Virginia Employment Commission to provide our members with ready access to the latest employment statistics and demographic data.
  • Partnering with other organizations such as the Lynchburg City Schools’ Partners in Education program and the Region 2000 Area Network for Employment.
  • Supporting and promoting the Young Professionals of Central VA in their efforts to attract and retain young talent in the region
  • Providing Alliance members with-up-to date Labor Market Information

The Alliance partnered with VA Career Works Central Region to host the inaugural Worlds of Opportunity Career Expo. The two-day event brought nearly 3,500 middle and high school students from across the region under one roof to learn about the in-demand job opportunities available in our region. The Expo was divided into four zones featuring major industry sectors:

  • Zone 1: Transportation, Energy/Utilities, Public Safety, Construction, Agriculture
  • Zone 2: Manufacturing, Automotive/Logistics, Engineering/Environment
  • Zone 3: Financial/Financial Services, Retail/Customer Service, Hospitality/Tourism, Marketing/Communications
  • Zone 4: Healthcare/Medical, Technology, Human Services, Education

“By building relationships between students and companies showing what actual work is like we aimed to spark their interest in various careers so they can then go back and speak with their school guidance counselor and teachers about how to begin this career pathway,” stated Christine Kennedy COO of the Alliance and board member of the Central Virginia Workforce Development Board, to focus on an occupation and gain the knowledge and skills, and in some cases, training before they finish high school.

In addition the Alliance supports educational programs that develops science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) that will help students develop a passion for it and hopefully pursue a job in a STEM field to include STEM Academy, Robotics, Future Focus Foundation, and STEM Network. The Alliance is proud of its commitment to improving the business climate by focusing on a resource that no business can live without - a first-rate regional labor force.