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The Lynchburg Regional Business Hall of Fame

The Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance's Business Hall of Fame annually inducts civic and business leaders whose accomplishments are both outstanding and historically significant.


• Preserve the role of individual business achievement in the Lynchburg region’s history through a permanent Lynchburg Regional Business Hall of Fame.

• Recognize men and women who have contributed to the business history of the Lynchburg region in some significant manner, either through sustained superior accomplishment or through a specific important achievement.

• Foster recognition by the general public of the importance of business and free enterprise to the development, future growth, and overall quality of life in the Lynchburg region.

• Contribute to the overall business image of the Lynchburg region.


• Professionals and persons from large and small businesses who have made an outstanding contribution to the free enterprise system will be considered. The individual may be the founder or someone who contributed significantly to company development and may be active, retired or deceased. Civic and/or philanthropic activities are relevant but not the primary factor in selection.

• The volunteer selection committee seeks individuals representing ethnic diversity who have demonstrated exceptional business leadership within their community.

• The laureates may or may not currently hold the position in which they achieved major success and for which they are being honored.

• Nominees must have resided in the Lynchburg metropolitan area during their contribution to the community, but do not need to currently reside there.


The full wall of Hall of Fame inductees is located in the lobby of the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance.

Recent Inductees

N.B.Handy-Color 72 dpi
2022 Langhorne Color 72 dpi

Past Inductees

2022 Inductees

  • Nathan Bryant Handy
  • Arelia Langhorne

2020-21 Inductees

  • Adolphus Humbles
  • John Fees
  • Stuart Fauber
  • Rodger Fauber
  • J. Everette “Ebo” Fauber, III

2019 Inductees

  • Bev Dalton
  • George Dawson
  • Bert F. Dodson, Sr.
  • Bert F. Dodson, Jr.
  • William Curtis English
  • Edward Ralph English, Sr.
  • Edward Ralph English, Jr.
  • Watt “Bobby” Foster Sr.
  • Watt R. Foster, Jr.
  • Amy Ray
  • T.D. Thornton II

2018 Inductees

  • Buzzy Coleman, Jr.
  • Hal Craddock
  • John Craddock
  • Jerry Falwell, Jr.
  • Rev. Jerry Falwell, Sr.
  • Dr. Charlie Pryor
  • Marc Schewel
  • Abe Schewel
  • Ben Schewel
  • Shaun Spencer-Hester
  • Anne Bethel Spencer