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Copyright 2021 Unified Potential
Copyright 2021 Unified Potential

Member Monday: MoveUP

James Black

Today’s #MemberMonday is MoveUp, a special program by Unified Potential!

Are you searching for a better way to get people where they need to be? With the MoveUp app all the transportation options you need are in the palm of your hand. MoveUp facilitates the connection of riders and drivers allowing both on-demand and scheduled transport and allows any business or group to coordinate their deliveries. Drivers are able to operate as true independent contractors, setting their own fees, and the transportation system is free to use for drivers, riders, and businesses. Additionally, MoveUp offers the first transportation system that enables drivers to operate as meaningful volunteers to impact their community.

To find out about how businesses can use MoveUp to create their own transportation network, enabling communities to solve their own problems, and employing state-of-the-art transportation technology, click HERE.

For more information on the MoveUp app and transportation program, please contact Unified Potential at (434) 444-1200, or visit their website HERE.