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The Basics of Using Blitzr!

We are excited to try a new format for our networking events! It is our hope you will find it fun, exciting and, more importantly, successful! There are a few steps that you will need to do in advance to figure out Blitzr. Check out the video above for extra help!


Set up your profile:

  1. Click here to set up your profile. Make sure you set up your profile prior to the event. Be sure to include key info you want to share - bio, picture, links to website and/or social media. Include your email and/or phone number in the profile. Once completed, your profile will remain in Blitzr for future events.
  2. Once you have completed your profile and registered on our website, we'll send you a confirmation for the Blitzr event. Click on the event to view the list of participants for the event you registered for and choose who you would or would not like to be paired with during the event by clicking on the green and red buttons next to each participant’s name. The platform will do its best to accommodate your preferences depending on the number of people registered.
  3. Beside each attendee names are three dots (green, yellow, red). Green means that you want to network with that person; yellow means you would like to meet if there is time; and red means you do not want to meet with that person.
  4. Please keep in mind that Blitzr works best if you use Chrome as your browser. A laptop or desktop is best.


What to expect once you login:

  1. The event will start promptly at the assigned time. Make sure you show up on time for the Blitzr. It is important that you show up, as you are counted as a participant. We want everyone to get matched.
  2. You MUST click on JOIN at the top of the page. (If you log in a few minutes early, your screen will be blank, but there will be music playing.) There will be a clock on the right-hand side that will count down to the start of the event.
  3. You will not be able to see everyone at the same time. At the start and the conclusion, you will only be able to see the host, the Presenting Partner representative, and a Presenter. You will be able to see who you are speaking with during the networking sessions.
  4. You will be matched with up to 5 - 6 people for short conversations with a 30-second break between each one. Each conversation is just a couple of minutes long, so share the floor with the other person. In the unlikely event that there is an odd number of attendees to the event, you might not be matched with anyone for one conversation. Enjoy the break and use this time to send follow-ups to the people you just spoke to.
  5. In-between the networking session, are 30-second commercials. You will not be directed away from the event if you desire to receive information.
  6. While you are networking, you will be able to make notes on the person you were networking with. You will also be able to access those notes any time after the event on your account.
  7. At the conclusion of the event, you will receive an email with the names of the people you met and your notes. You can re-connect with anyone you would like to follow-up with!