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Wage & Benefits Survey

The 2020 Regional Wage and Benefits Survey will collect data from area employers in the counties of Amherst, Appomattox, Bedford, and Campbell; and the City of Lynchburg to provide a regional assessment of occupational wages and employer benefits. Internet site data and recruiting data is often self-reported, inflated and inconsistent.
The Alliance has contracted with Sesco Management Consultants who will compile the data and provide the final report.
Why should you participate?
•  Receive data that is local and relevant
•  Compare how your company measures against the regional averages for compensation
•  Data in the survey is reliable and published by an independent third party
•  The greater the employer participation will yield a more comprehensive final report
•  Employer data is kept 100% confidential
We invite you to participate by emailing your interest to Jamie Glass at The process will begin March 1, 2020 and final survey will be available at no charge for participating regional employers upon at completion.