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Past Annual Award Recipients

Each year the Alliance recognizes deserving individuals in the Lynchburg Region with our special awards during the annual meeting of the membership. There are currently four distinct awards:

  • The F. M. "Dink" Cloyd Award was established in 1973 as a memorial to Dink Cloyd, who worked as a volunteer with the Chamber of Commerce while employed by Appalachian Power Company and then as a part-time staff member for several years after his retirement. Upon his death several friends established this award which consists of a sterling silver pitcher and suitable certificate. The recipient’s name is inscribed on the pitcher and is held in trust for one year. The award is presented each year to one Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance member who has rendered outstanding voluntary service to the organization.
  • The George Taylor Stewart III Award - established in 1971 and formerly known as the Pro Opera Civica Award - is given annually to an individual in recognition for service to the Lynchburg region community. Considerations for this award include variety and length of service to the community.
  • The Ambassador of the Year Award was established in 2001 and is presented each year to the Alliance Ambassador who best exemplifies ambassadorship and service to the Alliance. This award recipient is selected each year by the Ambassador's themselves among their peers.
  • The Young Professional to Watch Award, our newest award established in 2018, is given to a Young Professional in recognition for outstanding contributions to their organization and/or community and that shows exceptional promise for future leadership in the Lynchburg Region. Consideration for nomination shall include the age range of 20-40 and employment by a Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance member organization.

The F. M. "Dink" Cloyd Award

2023 To Be Announced

2022 Jim Richards

2021 Fred Armstrong

2020 Aubrey “Todd” Hall

2019 Dr. Kenneth Garren

2018 Ed Craighill

2017 Gary Case

2016 Larry Jackson

2015 Tulane Patterson

2014 John Keith

2013 Anthony Andrews

2012 Tom Hickey

2011 Darrel Staat

2010 Doyle B. Allen

2009 Randy Smith

2008 John Doyle

2007 Leighton Houck

2006 Patricia Lovern

2005 Stuart Fauber

2004 Thomas Hill

2003 Robert Dozier

2002 Yuille “Skipper” Holt, III

2001 Russell Griffin

2000 Amy Ray

1999 John “Jack” Eckert

1998 Ronald Lovelace

1997 Stuart Turille

1996 Jimmie B. Bryan

1995 R. Harmon Beauchamp

1994 Linton C. Beasley

1993 Hugh Toler

1992 Kay P. Gantt

1991 A. C. “Buzzy” Coleman, Jr.

1990 Rodger W. Fauber

1989 B. Deane Treat

1988 William N. Mays

1987 William F. Quillian, Jr.

1986 James R. Davidson, Jr.

1985 Alfred R. Anderson

1984 Kenneth S. White

1983 Clay Chapman

1982 J. Everett Fauber, III

1981 No Recipient

1980 W. Calvin Falwell

1979 Joseph C. Knakal, Jr.

1978 Edward T. Hapgood

1977 James B. White

1976 Edward R. Harris, Jr.

1975 James V. Shircliff

1974 Harry V. Haga, Jr.

1973 J. Roger Thornhill

The George Taylor Stewart III Award

2023 To Be Announced

2022 Senator Steve Newman

2021 William “Bill” Bodine

2020 Dr. Kerry Gateley

2019 Dr. Scott Garrett

2018 Joan Foster

2017 David Stokes

2016 L. Kimball Payne, III

2015 Dr. James Mundy

2014 John Mastroianni

2013 William Mays

2012 Kenneth Garren

2011 George Dawson

2010 Kenneth White

2009 V. Lee Cobb

2008 Albert S. Kemper

2007 Marc Schewel

2006 Jane White

2005 D.L. “Pete” Warren

2004 Terry Jamerson

2003 Robert Clarke

2002 Charles Warren, Jr.

2001 Rodger W. Fauber

2000 Gene D. Gallagher

1999 Samuel P. Cardwell

1998 T. Ashby “Smokie” Watts, III

1997 Joyce K. Crouch

1996 Herbert R. Moore

1995 W. Calvin Falwell

1994 Haywood Robinson

1993 William F. Quillian, Jr.

1992 E. Allen Culverhouse

1991 Leighton Dodd

1990 James K. Candler

1989 Jimmie Bryan

1988 Bob Davenport

1987 Oscar Anderson

1986 Bernard Guinan

1985 Bertram Schewel

1984 Ted Hapgood

1983 Elliot & Rosel Schewel

1982 George T. Stewart III

1981 Yuille Holt, Jr.

1980 J. W. Talbott

1979 W. Martin Johnson

1978 G. Everett Bond

1977 Harold G. Leggett

1974-76 No Recipients

1973 Robert D. Morrison

1972 John L. Suttenfield

1971 Henry E. McWane

The Ambassador of the Year Award

2023 To Be Announced

2022 Luke Dykeman

2021 Robert Pyle

2020 Matt Klein

2019 Tim King

2018 Terri Gibson

2017 Kyle Beavon

2010-2016 No Recipients

2009 Mary Lund

2008 John R. "Rob" Gilbert

2007 Debby Ruffin

2006 Jenny Woollett

2005 Jim Rinker

2004 Heather Smith

2003 Heather Smith

2002 Heather Smith

2001 April Wood

The Y.P. to Watch Award

2023 To Be Announced

2022 Lindie Honsberger

2021 Kathleen Davis

2020 Jessica Kercher

2019 Charese Chambers

2018 Geoff Kershner