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Tent Card

Workforce Summit Next Steps Based on Major Areas of Concern

Based on responses and survey results from the 2017 Regional Workforce Summit held on May 5, the Summit Planning Committee has developed for key actions to move our workforce efforts forward including:

  • Boost Awareness and Perception of Credentialed Careers: Develop outreach, awareness and branding initiative as a part of our sector strategy/career pathway effort to increase preparation and enthusiasm for living-wage careers that do may require a 4- year degree
  • Improve Soft skills/work ethic:  Ability to report to work on time, engage fully while at work, collaborate and communicate well with co-workers/supervisors
  • Recruit additional employees from outside the region:  Utilize best practices that have worked for other regions. Work with employers to supply regional data and information they can use when recruiting.
  • Childcare concerns: Develop better connections with area colleges and the faith community to create opportunities for childcare, including sick child care especially for those seeking to improve their lives and upgrade skills

If you would like to assist in any of these four actions, please let us know by emailing [email protected].

Below are presentations from the Workforce Summit.

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