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Golf Digest

Myth or Fact

Cracking the Code of Equipment's Most Enduring Urban Legends
by Matthew Rudy

How Do Range Balls Compare to the Balls I Typically Play?
Answer: You just made a career swing with your 7-iron and carried the150 sign at the range. How proud should you be? Well, it depends on which ball you picked from the bucket. In a 2014 test, we sampled 20 balls from different ranges and compared them to a batch of Titleist Pro V1s using a swing robot. At an average amateur's 7-iron swing speed of 80 miles per hour, the Pro V1s flew 147 to 152 yards. The range balls had a much greater distance variance -139 to 168 yards. The moral of the story? Using range balls to calibrate your distances is a bad idea.

What: Briefcase Open Golf Classic
When: September 27
Where: London Downs Golf Club

Public relations opportunities like this don’t come along every day!   The Briefcase Open is the must-attend golf event each year. London Downs Golf Club and their staff provide a first-class experience that is enhanced by briefcases at each tee-box filled with surprises. Whether you love to play or are looking for a creative way to reach Lynchburg regional business executives, our tournament provides unique partnership opportunities for budgets of all sizes. Don’t miss your chance to participate in this exciting event that supports youth and collegiate initiatives such as Partners in Education, STEM initiatives and youth entrepreneurship.

Partnership opportunities available call 434.845.5968 x20


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