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·         We support continued bi-partisan support for the core student aid programs.

·         We oppose lowering federal loan limits.

·         We support the elimination of excessive regulations such as the federal third-party vendor requirements.


·         We support safeguarding federal money in programs that support students in poverty.

·         We support full funding for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

·         We support less regulatory burden concerning Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and ensuring that this legislation lives up to its intent to be state driven and based on multiple measures.   


·         We support reauthorizing the Perkins Act as it funds Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs.

·         We support no cuts to Workforce Innovation and Opportunity (WIOA) funding.


·         We support the creation of a long term national energy policy that transcends the election cycle thus removing partisan politics. Lacking a national energy policy set by Congress, we are left with energy policies set by each administration.  A strong energy infrastructure requires a longer timeline to create than each election cycle.


·         We support “The Choice Act” which will reverse some of the Dodd Frank regulations, providing regulatory relief to the financial services industry by rolling back unnecessary government intrusion into our financial system.


·         ACA reform efforts should progress through Congress’ standard committee process, incorporate bi-partisan input, and should be focused on coverage stability, cost reduction, and access for all Americans.

·         Federal regulatory processes including Stark laws, medical liability, and alternative payment models must be reviewed and revised to support the current vertically integrated healthcare environment in achieving higher quality and lower cost.

·         Routine Children’s Health Insurance Program and Medicare Extender updates must be immediately addressed, as they have been delayed by ACA repeal and replace efforts.

For more background information/content contact 434.845.5968 x15


·         We support the Regulatory Accountability Act (H.R.45/S.951) which changes how regulations are presented to congress by requiring that economic impact be included and that additional input from stakeholders be taken into consideration before agencies determine how to regulate.


·         We support comprehensive tax reforms that would work to strengthen our economy, create jobs, promote investment in America and enhance our global competitiveness.


We support these policies in order to improve and modernize NAFTA:

·         Honor our existing trade relationships.

·         Eliminate the remaining trade distortions and barriers in Canada and Mexico.

·         Cut border and regulatory red tape.

·         Raise intellectual property rights and investment standards to U.S. levels.

·         Add new digital trade provisions.



·         We oppose the FAA rule requiring pilots to have at least 1,500 hours of flight time before being hired because it not only contributes to the airline pilot shortage, but it is an excessive increase to the entry-level hours required, is arbitrary and actually reduces the practical qualifications of those who finally attain that amount.

·         We support the insertion of language that protects the contract tower program. LYH is one of over 250 air traffic control tow­ers (ATCTs) in the U.S.


·         We support the approval of a long range, fully funded transportation plan, recognizing that transportation planning exceeds a two or three year funding cycle.

·         We support leveraging private investment when it is feasible for the Commonwealth.

·         We support the reduction of unnecessary federal regulations and support a transfer of regulatory control from the federal government to the Commonwealth.


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