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Blue Ridge Economic Coalition

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The Blue Ridge Economic Coalition is a coalition of business, chambers of commerce, economic development, government and transportation leaders from the Lynchburg and Salem VDOT Districts unified with the goal of creating a high level, larger voice advocating for goals and projects that increase economic activityacross our jurisdictional boundaries. View here for brochure.

2016-2017 Priorities:

“Access management” means the systematic control of the location, spacing, design, and operation of entrances, median openings/crossovers, traffic signals, and interchanges for the purpose of providing vehicular access to land development in a manner that preserves the safety and efficiency of the systems of state highways.

We support:
• State and Regional collaboration to study the economic role/impact of Regional transportation connectivity in the Lynchburg Region.
• State and local decisions focused upon corridor preservation and improvements through the implementation of access management best practices along Regional routes such as 460, 29, 58, 220.
• Communicating the long term economic benefits of corridor preservation to those localities along Regional routes.
• Implementation of study findings for the ongoing Route 29 Campbell County Strategic Highway Research Program 2 (SHRP2) project.
• Localities along our Regional routes adopting access management best
practices through local ordinance changes that shape future development.
• Timely expansion of passenger rail from Lynchburg to the New River Valley with stops in Bedford and Roanoke.
• Continued exploration of innovative funding mechanisms that help our collective Regions compete with Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads for transportation dollars.
• Initiatives that expand air service at LYH & ROA.

We support:
Completion of the GO Virginia funding process to provide state incentives, utilization of growth revenues, re-purposed dollars, and efficiency savings. Statewide funding should also leverage private, local, and other investment and ensure fair and equitable investment to ALL areas of the state.

We support:
• Collaboration on Public/Private talent development partnerships to ensure our economic competitiveness and future success.
• Continued funding and support of
the New Economy Workforce Credentials Act.
• Efforts to improve coordination between Virginia’s employers and job training programs.
• Full implementation of programs in
support of the Profile of a New Virginia Graduate pathway for high school students.
• Emphasis on STEM-H courses in K-12 and Virginia’s colleges and universities.


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