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Blue Ridge Economic Coalition

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The Blue Ridge Economic Coalition is a coalition of business, chambers of commerce, economic development, government and transportation leaders from the Lynchburg and Salem VDOT Districts unified with the goal of creating a high level, larger voice advocating for goals and projects that increase economic activityacross our jurisdictional boundaries. View here for brochure.

2015-2016 Priorities:

PRIORITY I. Increased projects and dollars for this part of the state.
Regional Road Priorities:
Route 29, 58 and 460 (Corridors of Statewide Significance)
1) Access Management and Systemic Safety Improvements
2) Route 460 S-Curve Improvements
3) Orange Avenue Access Management / Safety Improvements

Route 501 / 221 Corridors (Regional Network Routes)
1) Lakeside Drive Split One-Way Pairs Project
2) 221 Access Management Project
3) 501 Safety Projects Campbell & Halifax Counties (Passing and turn lanes)
4) Lynchburg Expressway / Candler’s Mountain Road Improvements
5) Widening and safety improvements to Route 122 between Rocky Mount and Bedford

Interstate I-81 and Route 460
1) I-81 “S” Curves Improvements near Buchanan (MM167 to MM168)
2) I-81 Widening to six lanes from Exit 140 to Exit 143
3) I-81 Auxiliary Lane Northbound from Exit 140 to Exit 143
4) I-81 Auxiliary Lane and Northbound and Southbound from Truck Scales to Exit 150 (including extension of acceleration and deceleration lanes at scales)
5) Route 460 (Orange Avenue) Widening and Access Management Improvements from 11 Street N.E. through the Gus Nicks Boulevard intersection in the City of Roanoke

Enhance Regional Air Service
1) Lynchburg Regional
2) Roanoke–Blacksburg Regional

Enhance Regional Freight Service
1) Safety Projects to enhance through and turning movements

Enhance Regional Rail Service
1) Expand Passenger Rail Service (Lynchburg/Bedford/Roanoke/Blacksburg)
2) Inland Port (Roanoke/Bedford/Lynchburg/Danville) Viability
3) Support expansion of rail lines in road / bridge projects

Enhance Regional Transit Service
1) GLTC / Liberty University 2) Valley Metro
3) Danville Transit System / Averett University / Mega Park

PRIORITY II: Support for the new GO Virginia initiative to fund state incentives, utilization of growth revenues, re-purposed dollars, and efficiency savings. Statewide funding should also leverage private, local, and other investment and ensure fair and equitable investment to ALL areas of the state.

LONG TERM PRIORITY: Increase representation on key state committees such as House Appropriations with leaders from Central VA and West thereby ensuring our part of the state isn’t forgotten when decisions are being made.


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